39 Thoughts That Go Through a Rider’s Mind on Week 6 of WEF




  1. Week 6? Ugh, feels like Week 100.
  2. Remind me why I do this again?
  3. Kidding!
  4. (I think)
  5. Horse showing is Fun. Horse showing is Fun.
  6. If I say it enough I’ll start to believe it, right?
  7. Can you self-induce Stockholm Syndrome?
  8. Maybe it’s time to book our ride home…
  9. God, I miss my bed.
  10. Focus! You’re working toward Your Dreams!
  11. This is “but a stepping stone on the road to success.”
  12. Or something.
  13. I think Ian Millar said that.
  14. Anyway, it’s cold at home.
  15. It’s the opposite of cold here.
  16. Seriously. I didn’t even know it was possible to sweat this much.
  17. My eyeballs are sweating!
  18. Oh, wait. Those are tears.
  19. It’s normal feel like you’re on the verge of an emotional break at any moment, right?
  20. It’s probably just the heat stroke talking.
  21. I should go ahead book that ride home…
  22. Trailers have air conditioning. Sort of. 
  23. Maybe we should book a ride around the block!
  24. Take, like, a mini-break from staring at the same show, the same ring, the same palm trees—day after day…
  25. After. Day. 
  26. WEF is the equestrian’s Groundhog Day.
  27. But with fewer rodents. 
  29. Nope. I’m just hallucinating. 
  30. Must be the sweat/tears in my eyes.
  31. Ten to one someone here knows Bill Murray, though.
  32. I bet Jessica Springsteen does.
  33. She probably has his number on speed dial.
  34. I bet she doesn’t sweat/cry this much either.
  35. You know what? I’m just going to pre-book our trailer home right now.
  36. For, like, Monday after Week 12.
  37. Then I won’t be the last person in Wellington.
  38. Because there’s nothing worse than being the last to ship out of Wellington.
  39. Not even sweat-crying in front of Kent Farrington. 

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