5 Equestrian Instagrams All Horse Lovers Should Follow




“Right now, your competition is training your horse”


Norah Kohle is a beautiful horse trainer from Sweden who shares her life through equally gorgeous pictures. Her instagram is a stunning documentation of her work with a Connemara and a Friesan with a following of almost 200,000 that look up to her love for horses and her impeccable training photos. She also enjoys historical dressage, which adds to the allure of her instagram and takes viewers to a world of fairy tale.

“The World From a Saddle”


This creative and stunning account takes horse lovers around the world through pictures of their horse rides in different destinations. This account ran by Kristine Anderson-Dahms is a striking gallery of equine adventures around the world that are now sold online as post cards on her link on the bio. This account will have you craving some equine holidays. Tag your ears shots with #lifebetweentheears to be featured.



“Tack and apparel for every ride”


All horse riders have a different idea of what a nice dressage is for their horse. Some like modern and minimalistic, others like historic dressage, and there are many more styles out there. For elegant and timeless apparel follow this Scandinavian instagram account, that like all Scandinavian design, it is precise, stark and makes your horse look like a champ. Be inspired by and shop the high-end equine merchandise from polo wraps and bridles, to jackets and helmets.

“Official Equestrian Stylist”


This account is an elegant and chic curated collection of equestrian style by Ashley C. Cline. She puts together a great profile of competition pictures, apparel, editorial, equine art and home. This is a gallery that inspires the chic lifestyle of horse riding more so than the ranch and wild west lifestyle.


“Equine Transport Redefined”


Keep up with the best in equine transportation to see for yourself the documentation and lifestyle of Equo and its users. They understand horses and the importance of comfort and safety during trips of all lengths. Equo is a transportation company for horse lovers by horse lovers and the drivers are all horse lovers and experts too. Follow to get familiar with Americas best choice of equine transport.


“Week long social event with world-class equestrian competition”


The Hampton classic is a weeklong world-class equestrian competition and a major attraction in the show jumping circuit that takes place in the Hamptons NY. The instagram shares everything about the event each year and the rest of the year they post competition inspiration and beautiful horse and field photos