5 major benefits of becoming an Equo driver



Do you enjoy working on your own schedule? Are you sick of having to quote and wait for payments? Do you like driving safely backed up by technology and a whole team of horse loving professionals? You’re in the right place; Equo is what you’re looking for! Register to drive with your vehicle information, Drivers License, social security, and insurance information. After a safety inspection at an Equo certified inspection point near you, download the app, fill out your bank information where you get paid, set your preferences and get your Equo on! shipping horses has never been this simple and safe.
Benefits of driving with Equo

It’s a whole new thing happening these days. You can actually choose when you want to work, when you’re available, and how much you work. This gives you flexibility to do this every day or only when you’re not working on something else. In other word, be your own boss..

Your smartphone and the Equo app will do all the work for you, beginning by mapping out the route for you. Each trajectory has scheduled checkpoints where you must check in with the horse owners, to let them know how their horse is doing in terms of comfort, safety, food and water.
All drivers have 24/7 communications with our logistics and a panic button for extreme emergencies- all through the app.
With features such as custom notifications, you can keep the horse owners informed about the ride, and send picture updates via text anytime. Once you arrive on schedule your payment is automatically processed. You will receive payment once a week from the total trips you completed.
All payments are processed through the app as well, so there’s no risk or hassle of carrying cash around with you. After every trip you will have to rate the Rider you serviced, leaving room for respectful, moral and responsible riders only.

You won’t always drive alone if you don’t want to! Through the app you can offer any open spots in the car for the horse owners or any other human rider registered by the horse owners that are part of the horses on your actual trip.

The Equo App will give you all the background info of your rider. You will know their name, phone number, address of pick up and drop off and all the details of the horse before pickup. Every drive is mapped using real time traffic updates and safety statistics to make sure you’re always on the best route. Equo is available to help with roadside assistance, health emergencies, or backup drivers on a 24/7 basis in case of any emergency.

When you’re an Equo driver, it pays off to be the best. That is why Equo requires a minimum of U.S. licensing history of 2 years, Driver experience of at least 2 years, a clean Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) with no more than 3 incidents in the past 3 years, no DUI’s or reckless driving, and no speeding violations for driving 20mph+ over the speed limit in the past 3 years. Knowing that these are the requirements, you will have the extra peace of mind knowing that other Equo drivers won’t be ruining EQUO’s reputation, affecting your job directly. Instead, a community of drivers as worthy as yourself will strengthen Equo’s reputation and increase the demand for rides, giving you more rides to choose from.

The benefits of shipping horses with Equo can be summarized in a single word: Freedom. Say goodbye to reporting to offices or bosses when you join the Equo app, say what’s up to the ever-changing schedule of your liking, and take control of your job by putting yourself first.