7 Greatest Reasons to Become an Equo Driver


Imagine a calm road ahead of you. You are driving steadily with the wind blowing through your hair as you listen to your favorite rock band. In front lay endless possibilities. You are sipping on your coffee, it’s sweet, and the sky unfolds before your eyes. Everything seems so vast. Now imagine doing this and earning money at the same time. Certainly something like this seems too good to be true. What job could possibly be this pleasant? Driving for Equo.

Equo is the new “Uber” of equine transportation consisting of an on-demand trailering service that connects pre-vetted drivers to horse owners in need of an excellent and reliable service. All it takes is a click, evidently making Equo the most efficient form of linking between the people involved in the equine world.



Being a driver for Equo is simple, flexible, and convenient, however, it is not for everyone. Up ahead is a list of reasons as to why you should/shouldn’t start your driving career with Equo today:

  1. With Equo you Establish your Own Hours:

Yes, you heard me. As a driver you get to create your own schedule. You decide when you wish to drive, when you’re available for rush rides, and when you wish to be a backup driver. You also get to choose when you want to take time off for yourself to do as you please. We’re simply flexible like that.

  1. With Equo You Establish your Time-Off:

As a driver there is no set amount of minimum hours to be completed in a month. You may do a couple of rides per month and still hold the Equo Driver Status. Take a week off, or why not make that two? We understand our drivers have lives outside of work and we wish to embrace them for it.

  1. With Equo You are your Own Boss:

Equo is here to support its drivers, not to boss them around. Our team will always be there before, during, and after trips to ensure drivers with turn-by-turn directions, roadside assistance, as well as backup drivers for any given case. You are the boss and we are here to assist you.


  1. With Equo You Meet Interesting People:

As a driver you have the power to know enough information about the rider before the pickup is complete. You will have access to the rider’s phone number, payment information, and details about the horse awaiting you. This helpful exchange of information allows a perfect stranger to become a not-so-strange stranger. Once you’re at the pickup location, the love you share for horses will break the ice immediately.

  1. With Equo You Will Never Feel Lost:

As an Equo Driver you will be guided by Google Maps which adjusts according to real-time traffic updates in order for you to always take the quickest, smoothest route. Forget about ever getting stuck in traffic for lacking the knowledge that up ahead there was an unpredictable bleep on the road. 

  1. With Equo Your Opinion Matters:

After every ride you complete, you get to rate how the overall experience was with your rider. Those riders with bad ratings will be placed on a period of probation, and if they continue to undergo bad reviews, they will be banned from using Equo. Forget about having to deal with difficult passengers, they are not welcome in our community. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 2.40.17 PM.png

  1. With Equo You get Paid Promptly:

All Equo Drivers receive their payments automatically through the App. No more worrying about a delay in your payment.

By now you probably already made up your mind about whether to be, or, not to be an Equo Driver. The reasons listed above are straightforward and they all lead to one answer, however, if you feel that the sweetest job in the world is not for you then, carry on.