Canadian Olympian Tiffany Foster Rides With Equo. You Should Too!



Tiffany Foster is a veteran of the Canadian show jumping team. At just 32, she’s ridden for Canada at two Olympic Games and in every Nations Cup event held at a show she’s attended since 2011. Now she rides with Equo, too!

What made you want to give Equo a try?

We just bought a new farm here in Wellington. It’s pretty close to the show, but once we go to take the horses over to FEI [stabling at the Winter Equestrian Festival] or if we’re going over to Deeridge [Farm] or anything close by is what I’ve been using it for, so far. It’s just a lot easier to send the horses over in a trailer than to tack them up and ride them over.

In the past, I never would have done that. I would have ridden them over. But then I saw the Equo app came out and it’s just so easy. I send a message on the phone and the trailer shows up and I don’t have to worry about it.

You’re not a “tech” person. How did you find the App to use?

My tech skills end at about Facebook and Instagram and even I can do it, so that’s saying something! It’s really easy to use. If you can work Uber, you can work Equo.

Safety is obviously a big concern for all horse owners. How comfortable did you feel with the Equo drivers?

I would never send any of these horses with anybody I didn’t trust 100%. I’ve been using Equo for a few weeks now and, so far, the service has been top notch. You really feel comfortable sending your horses with any of the drivers they send.

Equo takes a lot of time to go out and vet the drivers and make sure that they are capable professionals. That makes me feel better to know that my horses are safe.

Would you recommend Equo to your colleagues?

As a professional in this industry I would really recommend Equo to other professionals. It’s just one less thing that you have to worry about.

Thank you, Tiffany!