CDL and DOT Certifications

Take the necessary steps to ensure your business is ready


All drivers who own their own truck and trailer, or plan on using someone’s for business.



DOT/MC#- You will need a DOT/MC# in order to show that your equipment is certified with the DOT and that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your business is ready to go by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. In order to get your MC# you first will need to start your own small business and get a LLC. You will also need a DOT physical, and a few more things. See our easy step guide below to make this process as quick as possible!

CDL- Commercial Drivers License- Regulated by the department of transportation for all vehicles that are used all over the united states for business purposes. If you plan to use a truck and trailer in order to make a profit you will need a CDL.



In order to be legal with the department of transportation you must carry a valid CDL in order to operate a truck/trailer combination in excess of 26,001lbs or any combination units for business purposes.  You are joining equo in order to make income off of your truck and trailer, and since you are making an income you will need your CDL and DOT number.



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