Equo Welcomes 2020


Equo Welcomes 2020 AND a new decade with excitement! Our sport is embracing advances in technology that improves horsemanship and saves time, as a result the popularity of the Equo app has exploded! 

What’s new at Equo!

In 2019, we released a new website and updated app. Improved features on the app make it more like other platforms you are familiar with, like Über or Expedia. Booking a ride for your horse has become as easy as booking a ride for yourself and barn owners and trainers are loving it!

Equo New Design!

The app update includes an all new look, a deeper pool of maps to make your trip requests faster and more efficient for the drivers, and several new and improved features.

The Equo family grew, with an even bigger customer care team, and more commercial shippers signing on with Equo, as they too discovered the benefits of streamlining the process of scheduling horse transport.

More shipping partners means a larger service area all over North America and competitive pricing! 

What’s the same!

Equo app users still enjoy GPS live-tracking so you can relax knowing where your horse is at all times.

Our two-way rating system improved and now you can add comments to it!

When you make a trip request on the Equo app, you can skip the dozens of calls to shippers, skip posting in Facebook groups, and save hours waiting for callbacks and responses. 

We are still part of The Equine Tech Collab and we have great partners! Make sure you check all of them and see the great things they are doing!

What is coming!

 2019 was also our launch (literally) of Equo Air! 

Equo Air #flywithequo

You can now book even air transport with Equo.  We have developed a sophisticated concierge service that will assist you in shipping your horses anywhere in the world! Check the concierge service in our website www.ridewithequo.com

What will never change!

At Equo, our commitment is to make finding the safest ride possible for your horses as easy as possible for you, therefore our transport partners are all professionally trained and insured

Our team has experienced consultants that work with us both with the tech and the transportation.

We ship our own horses on those same trailers as yours, because we understand safety and as you do.

Equo welcomes 2020 with the best wishes for you!