Horse Transportation Safety: Our #1 Priority


Safety is in our DNA, we have a huge commitment to travel safety as a company and we’ve made it our number one priority. Our team is made up of horse owners, international show jumpers, veterinary specialists and horse lovers that understand how important safety, security and reliability are for both riders and drivers. We have masterfully combined our know-how and experience with top-of-the line technology to create the most advanced and safe horse shipping platform in the world; here are some of the things we do to keep rides safe and minds at ease.

  • Emergency Response: all drivers have 24/7 communication with our logistics department and a panic button for extreme emergencies.
  • Driver Profiles: Every Equo driver has a picture profile complete with ratings and reviews so riders can know exactly who is going to drive your ride even before you book!
  • Communication: all of our drivers are required to have a smartphone with GPS capabilities at all time
  • Training: we require that our drivers have at least 2 years of experience.
  • Vehicle safety: all of the vehicles that we work with have to pass rigorous safety checkups to be eligible to drive with Equo.
  • Backup: We have scheduled backup drivers and partner vets* on call in case they are needed.

As horse owners we understand that every animal is different and requires unique consideration and care, that’s exactly why we offer 3 different types of rides and customization options that fit your exact needs. Highly tailored rides are another way in which we help riders ship confidently and knowing that their equine buddies will be given the up-most specialized care before, during and after each ride. These are some of the things we do to customize your ride:

  • There’s no size too big for Equo: whether it’s a one horse emergency or a 20+ horse barn moving we’ve got you covered!
  • Quote Before You Ride: Our mobile app will give you a free fare estimate before you book your ride. You only pay when you arrive, no hidden charges anywhere!
  • Bring Your Gear: We don’t charge extra for a reasonable amount of equipment, as long as there’s space in the trailer you’ll be able to ship up to 1 (one) trunk of gear per horse.
  • Ride Along: Most Equo Rides Come With space for 1 (one) human! Check the availability in your ride so you can register the person riding along.
  • Custom Updates: Every Equo ride has scheduled checkpoints. The app will send push notifications to ensure the driver checks on the condition of the vehicle and ensure that the horses are comfortable and have enough hay and water for the rest of the ride. You can request picture updates from your driver via text message.

 Driver Safety

We believe that the only way to achieve a safe horse transportation is by ensuring that it’s a two-way street. Training and continued preparation is at the core of our vision, that’s why we offer every Equo driver the proper tools and support to get their CDL and DOT certifications as well as exclusive educational content, training material and road safety updates. Once you become a part of the Equo driving team we make sure that our driver’s safety is ensured before, during and after each drive, this is what we do to promote driver safety.

Before the drive: You will have all of the Rider’s information before the drive. Every rider is required to create a personal account with phone number, payment information and a few details about the horse so you will know exactly who you’re picking up before getting there.

While you’re Driving: Every drive is mapped using real time traffic updates and historic safety statistics to make sure you’re always on the best route. We also keep a backup driver on call in case you need assistance.

After the Drive: All payments are processed through the app so there’s no risk or hassle of carrying cash around with you. Every trip has a 2-way rating system so after every trip you can rate the Rider you serviced; riders with negative ratings will be placed on a probation period, if the offenses are recurring the rider will be banned from Equo.