How It Works


How Equo Works: For Riders


Welcome to the new equine transport world of tap and ride. After registering you can immediately choose your type of ride, select pick up and drop off location and you are all set to go! Small horse, big horse, one horse, many- no problem, we’ve got you covered. Through Equo you can get instant quotes, mapped out routes, and automatic payments from the comfort of your smartphone.

Equo understands the different needs of equine transportation at different times, that is why the app gives you three choices when ordering service: Equo Rush for those times when a last minute calls for immediate action; Equo Planned when trips are anticipated with time, allowing you to schedule with no hurry and with absolute control over timeframes, drivers and routes; and Equo Pool, which shares the ride with horses within 100 miles from the original route, saving you money and still transporting your horse on schedule.


No more long waits for quotes, paying with cash or checks, or worrying about tips for drivers. The Equo app instantly generates quotes and the payment is withdrawn from your bank account of choice when your horse arrives safely and on-time to the destination. Our flexibility policy allows you to send your gear with your horse free of extra charges. As long as there is enough space in the trailer to accommodate your belongings comfortably, there is no problem with sending 1 trunk of gear per horse.  Drivers usually have an open spot (or spots) for a human rider, so count on signing up yourself or someone else for the road. Features like custom notifications will keep you informed about the ride if you are not there. Each trajectory has scheduled checkpoints where the driver will check in, stating the condition of the vehicle and checking on the horses’ comfort, safety, hay and water. Through the app you may request picture updates from your driver anytime via text. After every ride you‘ll be able to rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback to help improve the Equo experience, leaving room for top quality practices only.


Our biggest pride is the happy Equo drivers that are here by choice, who focus 100% on your horse when they’re on the clock. We require that our drivers have at least 2 years of experience and pass rigorous safety checkups (check out Drivers Requirements below) to be eligible to drive with Equo. All of our drivers are required to have a smartphone with GPS capabilities at all time, so tracking your horse has never been easier, and if that isn’t enough peace of mind, you should count on our backup of drivers and vets across the nation in case of an emergency. The 24/7 support available to our drivers facilitates the immediate attention to any of your horses needs.


Smartphone, Equo App, credit card/paypal and a horse!

How Equo Works: For Drivers


Driving with Equo is simple and safe. Register to drive with your vehicle information, Drivers License, social security, and insurance information. After a safety inspection at an Equo certified inspection point near you, download the app, fill out your bank information where you wished to get paid, and get your Equo on!


YOU decide your own transport schedules- YOU have the freedom of choosing your own workload and income!

Your smartphone and the Equo app will do all the work for you, beginning by mapping out the route for you. Each trajectory has scheduled checkpoints where you must check in with the horse owners, stating the condition of the vehicle and checking on the horses’ comfort, safety, food and water.

All drivers have 24/7 communication with our logistics department and a panic button for extreme emergencies. We have scheduled backup drivers and partner vets on call nationwide in case they are needed.

You won’t always drive alone! Through the app you can offer any open spots in the car for the horse owners or any other human rider registered by the horse owners. With features such as custom notifications, you can keep the horse owners informed about the ride if they are not present, and send picture updates via text anytime. Once you arrive on schedule your payment is automatically withdrawn and will reflect in your bank account soon after.


The Equo App will give you the 411 on your rider. You will know their phone number, payment info, and horse details before the pick up. Every drive is mapped using real time traffic updates and safety statistics to make sure you’re always on the best route. Equo is available to help with roadside assistance, health emergencies, or backup drivers. All payments are processed through the app so there’s no risk or hassle of carrying cash around with you. After every trip you will have to rate the Rider you serviced, leaving room for respectful, moral and responsible riders only.


All drivers must have a valid Social Security number and a valid driver’s license. The initial inspection of vehicle and trailer must take place at a certified inspection facility near you. At this time, drivers must fill out the year, make and model of their car and trailer plus present the registration for both.

The background check will review the individuals Motor Vehicle Records, Social Security Trace, and National Sex Offender Registry. Once the County courthouse records, Federal courthouse records and the multi-state criminal database of the last 7 years come back clean, the driver is cleared and welcomed to the team!

When you’re an Equo driver, it pays off to be the best. That is why Equo requires a minimum of U.S. licensing history of 2 years, Driver experience of at least 2 years, a clean Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) with no more than 3 incidents in the past 3 years, no DUI’s or reckless driving, and no speeding violations for driving 20mph+ over the speed limit in the past 3 years.