How to Spot an Equo Driver


They don’t show up in uniform. They don’t drive a trademark fleet of vehicles. They don’t even have a company sticker on the driver’s side rear windshield.

The drivers of Equo, the new on-demand horse transportation app, are a diverse crew of horse people who share a few key traits in common that can’t be identified by appearance alone. Traits like proven safe-driving track records and responsible truck and trailer ownership practices.

That said, there are a few ways to tell whether the truck and trailer pulling into your stable is with Equo or not.

GIF 1.gif

Did your driver just streak down the driveway at 120mph, pull the emergency break and skid sideways into a perfect parallel parking position in front of your barn like a scene out The Fast and the Furious?

Not an Equo driver.

GIF 2.gif

Is there a six-pack of beer on the arm rest of his truck and/or a personally engraved flask in her inside coat pocket? Does he or she smell like alcohol? Were you asked to blow into a breathalyzer to start their truck?

Not an Equo driver. (Not even in Texas.)

GIF 3.gif

Did he pull in with a low-rider truck tricked out with after-market hydraulic pumps that can bounce eight feet in the air with the flick of a switch?

Not an Equo driver.

GIF 4.gif

Can you hear the bass from their sick sound system two miles away?

Not an Equo driver.

GIF 5.gif

Is the dash of her truck littered with parking tickets, driving infractions, and/or court date summons?

Not an Equo driver.

GIF 6.gif

Are there holes rusted through the floorboards of his trailer that have been hastily covered with plywood, duct tape, and broken dreams?

Not an Equo driver.

GIF 7.gif

Does she carry an assorted collection of whips and lunge lines for “loading purposes” in the back of her half ton?

Not an Equo driver.

GIF 8.gif

Does he or she have a “Ride or Die” neck tattoo and/or bumper sticker?

Meh, may be an Equo driver.

Remember, every time you schedule a trip with Equo you’ll automatically receive photos and relevant details about your driver AND his/her rig before they arrive, so you know exactly how and with who your horse is travelling. At Equo, that means a pre-vetted, safety-inspected truck and trailer operated by an experienced driver.