Meet Equo Driver Robert Cyrek!


Robert Cyrek is president of DMS Equine Transport and a partner driver with Equo. We asked him to share his experience working with the Equo App and how it has impacted his business. (Spoiler: it’s very positive!)

What first made you consider partnering with Equo?

We heard about Equo through their online marketing, social media, stuff like that. We were down in Wellington, Florida last winter and saw them everywhere, they plastered the place with all their advertising. We thought, this looks cool—they talk about revolutionizing horse hauling. So, we got in touch with them, went back and forth a while, did a load for them and it went well.

Here we are today and we’re doing a ton of work for them. It’s been absolutely great.

The registration process is quite lengthy. How was that experience for you?

The registration process is very involved. I know some people were concerned about undocumented carriers, uninsured carriers. But they want copies of our insurance, our DOT. They get pictures of all of our equipment—for every carrier. They really make the effort to find the right people.

Was that daunting as a prospective driver?

Not, not at all. It’s very straightforward. They walked us through the entire process. It does give you a lot of confidence in the App knowing that they clearly did their homework—knowing the right questions to ask to make sure everybody has their paperwork in order, has their insurance, because it is so easy to put a truck on the road without taking the necessary steps to cover all your bases.

How long was it before you started getting business from Equo?

From when we first contacted them, it was a gradual process. A haul here. A haul there. As our trust grew with them and their trust with us and as, you know, customer feedback came back, there’s a lot of business to get. Now it’s a constant flow of ‘Hey can you get this, can you get that?’ There’s always business coming in, which is great when you’re trying to fill a trailer up—we’re doing multiple truckloads at multiple shows for Equo and getting repeat customers too.

It’s been free money!

As a professional hauler, how has it impacted your existing customer base?

It’s a really great relationship to have them booking with their network of customers and our network of customers because it goes both ways. It’s free business coming in that we can fit into our existing hauling network. And we’ve also been able to give our booked customers to them and say, “Hey, listen we can’t get a truck out to X pick up but we’ve gotten in touch with Equo and they have someone that’s available.” So, it increases our capacity as a hauler to service our customers and that’s the number one thing in customer retention.

It sounds like a positive experience! Is there anything else you think drivers might want to know about working with Equo?

It’s been extremely professional working with Equo. They are always available. They are always working. Two/three in the morning we’ve had questions and called them and have gotten multiple answers. They are the penultimate professionals.

So, it’s safe to say you’re in for the long haul with Equo.

We believe in the App. We’ve said that our trucks are your trucks—fill us up! It’s been fun growing together. 


Interested in driving for Equo? Learn more at Drive With Equo!