Thinking of becoming an Equo driver?


Earning money with your trailer has never been easier! Simply register on the Equo website and one of our associates will walk you through the application process. 

To become an Equo driver, you’ll need:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Vehicle registration for your truck and trailer
  • Latest copy of your truck and trailer inspection report

You’ll also be asked to submit photos of your truck and trailer and are required to pass Equo’s basic horse knowledge test and a Checkr background check. (You’ll receive an email from Checkr after you register with us.)

Equo recommends for all drivers to possess a Commercial Driver’s license. The requirements for a CDL vary by state, but we can help you through that application process as well.

Once you’re approved, you’ll get an Equo ID and Driver Profile on the App. Simply log in to activate your Driver’s Profile when you want to work. Accept a trip and go. You’re ready to Equo!

Earn with every turn

Trip fares start with a base amount, then increase with distance, number of horses, stall type and type of service used (Rush, Planned or Pool). At the end of a trip, payment will be automatically deposited into your account within three to five days.

Set your own schedule

With Equo, there are no minimum driving hours required. When you drive is entirely up to you, so it won’t interfere with your work, life or other obligations.

Let the App be your assistant

Every Equo drive is mapped using Google Maps, so you can provide real-time location updates to the horse owner, and comes with standby emergency assistance. With Equo, you’re never driving alone.

Safety always comes first

All Equo riders have a personal account with their phone number, payment information, and horse details, so you always know exactly who you are picking up. 

No more difficult passengers

Our a two-way rating system weeds out difficult passengers. Riders with bad ratings will be placed on a period of probation. If they continue to undergo bad reviews, they will be banned from using Equo.  

Join the Equo driving team today!