This is Equo: Equine Transport Redefined


Passion for the equine world is undoubtedly a matter of the heart. The care, admiration, and love we have for horses defines our priorities, putting their health, happiness, and safety at the very top. Just like a parent trusts the designated driver that takes their kids to school, soccer practice, and events, a horse owner should trust their equine shipper wholeheartedly so that they may enjoy their peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe. Equo was built on the principles of simplicity, safety and comfort and was born when we got tired of sacrificing those principles in our 40 hour drives to competitions, or when having to trust our magnificent horses to mediocre transportation services that where expensive, tedious to book and difficult to trust. When we saw the opportunity to improve something that was already so important to us, our idea became a purpose more so than a business.

The horse transportation business has not evolved at the same rate as everything else until Equo. All horse owners have had to settle for the standard services that have no safety assurances, no flexibility, no technology resources and very steep prices. The lack of options was like a boring monopoly that horse owners accepted for too long, and now the time has come to have our equestrian needs at the tip of our fingers, in our smart phones, so that transporting our passion is only a click away.

horse transportation

At Equo, the main goal is transporting your horse timely and safely. A system of drivers with more than 2 years of experience and vehicles with proper standards of safety, decide their own transport schedules, giving them the freedom of choosing their own workload and income. This autonomy produces happy drivers that are there by choice, focusing 100% on your horse when they’re on the clock. Tracking your horse has never been easier, and if that isn’t enough peace of mind, you should count on our backup of drivers and vets across the nation in case of an emergency. The 24/7 support available to our drivers permits the immediate attention to any of your horses needs. With your feedback from every driver you help improve the Equo experience, leaving room for top quality practices only.

The tap and ride features are simple. You can choose your type of ride, select pick up and drop off location and you are all set to go. Small horse, big horse, one horse, many- no problem! Equo offers the flexibility of making any transportation arrangement possible from your phone. The Equo app immediately generates quotes and the payment is withdrawn from your account of choice when your horse arrives safely at the destination. Our flexibility policy also allows you to send your gear with your horse free of extra charges. As long as there is enough space in the trailer to accommodate your belongings comfortably, there is no problem with sending 1 trunk of gear per horse. Drivers usually have an open spot for a human rider, so count on signing up yourself or someone else for the road. Features like custom notifications will keep you informed about the ride if you are not there. Each trajectory has scheduled checkpoints where the driver will check in, stating the condition of the vehicle and checking on the horses’ comfort, safety, food and water. Through the app you may request picture updates from your driver anytime via text.

Simplicity is our motto, safety is our goal, equine is our passion. We understand the different needs of equine transportation, that is why we offer three different plans: Equo Rush, Equo Planned, and Equo Pool. For those times when a last minute calls for immediate action, Equo Rush has on demand drivers ready to make emergency travel a smooth experience. On the contrary, when trips are anticipated with time, Equo Planned allows you to schedule with no hurry and with absolute control over timeframes, drivers and routes. Also a great option for planners is Equo Pool, which shares the ride with horses within 100 miles from the original route, saving you money and still transporting your horse on schedule.

With Equo you can forget about the complicated standard horse shipping services, safety worries and steep prices, and embrace an all-star team of vets, competitive riders, transportation experts and horse owners with the perfect combination of know-how and state of the art technology who share the same desire for change, the same passion for our beautiful horses, and the priorities of safety and quality travel.

So tell us, where will you Equo next?