The Horse Rescue was founded on a mission to save Thoroughbreds from slaughter, rehab them from any injuries racing may have brought, and retrain them for second careers. 

Lady has a bowed tendon on her right front… it’s not a pretty picture. When you look at her leg, you look down and say, “Yep, that’s a bow.” There’s no hiding it.


The bow will always be there, no matter what we do. But what can do is help strengthen it to give her the chance at a second career. First, let’s get some history of her bow.

From the ultrasounds, she has two issues, an old bow that wasn’t managed properly, and a new strain on top of that from the bow that didn’t get fixed correctly. The old bow probably happened when she started training around 2 years old, and the new strain happened about a month ago. 

So, what do you do with an issue like this? I am no expert, but I try my best to listen to them. Here is the plan we have developed with our vet and with an equine therapist. 

1. 3-4 Shockwave Treatments. Shockwave therapy uses sound waves to inflict trauma to the area. The area acknowledges this trauma and starts the process of healing itself. Since there isn’t much blood flow to the superficial digital flexor tendon, sending direct trauma to the area is critical for healing. 
2. Laser Therapy. She is going to receive laser therapy 3x a week for 30 days. There are different lasers out there, but the big kahuna is the Class IV Pegasus Laser. Lasers work best on new injuries rather than old, but we are hopeful to reduce some of the size of Lady’s bow with this therapy. It is proven to reduce scar tissue formation and inflammation and help speed the healing process. It is really an amazing tool. 
3. Stall Rest for 30 days. During the laser therapy program, she needs to remain on stall rest. This will allow her leg the greatest chance to heal. If she stays outside, she could re-damage the leg, and we don’t want to take that chance. 
4. Vita-Floor Therapy. 2x a day for a month. The vita-floor is a vibrating floor that helps increase circulation over the entire body and thus encourages healing. 
5. Poultice, Wrapping, and Magnetic Boots. These are additional treatments were are going to use throughout her healing process. All these products can be found on FarmVet’s website.
Veredus Magnetic Boots: 4 hour magnetic boots worn during the day to increase circulation.
Poultice by FinishLine: Overnight poultice to draw out inflammation and help aid in healing.
Back on Track Wraps: Overnight wraps to increase circulation to help in the healing process. 

At the end of 30 days, we will revisit Lady and give you an update on her progress. If you would like to donate towards Lady’s healing, please click below.