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About Equo

We Seriously Love Horses

This Is Our Story

Back in Spring 2013, at around hour 21 of a 42-hour drive from Kentucky to Calgary, a question came up: “What if there was an app where horse owners could connect with people drivers, like a horse transportation marketplace?” And so, for the rest of the drive we kept adding ideas and building up a service that we would love to have for our horses and ourselves.

Equine transportation was in desperate need of an upgrade! At the time, it seemed crazy that horse owners had to drive more than 40 hours to a competition, but the other choices didn’t add up.

It was really hard to find a good transportation company. Prices were absolutely ridiculous, scheduling was a nightmare and the worst part was that safety didn’t seem to be the number one priority. The lack of safety is what really hit us! That’s when Equo was born.

We assembled an all-star team of vets, competitive riders, transportation experts and horse owners- a flawless collective of know-how, expertise and state-of-the-art technology to create the most advanced horse transportation platform in the world.

Moving forward, we want to accomplish two main goals: to help horse drivers across America achieve financial independence and make sure horse owners forget about the complicated, pricey, and low-grade equine transport services, and embrace a new technology that brings forth top safety and quality travel.


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Made up of international riders, vets and horse owners.

Our Executive Team

These are the people behind the Equo revolution


Gustavo Cepeda

Sales & Driver Recruitment


Steven Bluman



Dr. Jorge Gómez



Jake Schueller

Operations & Customer Service

Our Passion for Horses

Passion for the equine world is undoubtedly a matter of the heart. The care, admiration, and love we have for horses defines our priorities, putting their health, happiness, and safety at the very top…

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Steven Bluman

"The horse industry is transforming all over the world! We're seeing new and improved shows, incredible amounts of prize money and the horses keep getting better and better. If the entire equine world is moving forward why shouldn’t the way we transport horses change as well? We created Equo to bring horse shipping and technology together in a simple and smart app; making it easier and safer for owners to ship their horses and helping drivers & shipping companies keep their trucks on the road!"

Dr. Jorge Gómez

"Top-level world renowned Equine Sport Horse Practitioner said this about Equo: Responsible and professional horse transportation is of paramount importance. Equo is revolutionizing the horse transportation industry. Equo offers state-of-the-art technology to monitor your horses at all times during transportation. Knowing where the horse is at all times maximizes the possibilities of finding professional veterinary care in a timely manner if an emergency occurs."