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14 Jul 2017

GenerationNext: Kara Chad

Gretchen Lida

Kara Chad’s career leapt onto the...

26 Jun 2017

Win a Pair of EquiFit's new Open Front MultiTeq Boots!

Steven Bluman

At Equo, we believe safety is always in...

21 Jun 2017

Alexandra, the Great

Genieve Dupont

It’s the horse boot of choice for...

15 Jun 2017

Do Horses Experience Motion Sickness?

Dr. David Ramey

I had a question about motion sickness,...

13 Jun 2017

Transporting Horses by Air for Dummies

Olivia Wood

By Olivia Wood

Transporting a horse safely...

02 Jun 2017

Your Horse Is Never Wrong

Tim Hayes

Have you ever watched or ridden your friend’s...

26 May 2017

Bandaging Best Practices for Shipping

Allie Layos

For horses in transit, shipping bandages are...

18 May 2017

10 Trailer Loading Tips for the Difficult Horse with Jose Alejos

Genieve Dupont

Ah, the cold, bad-mannered horse.

11 May 2017

GenerationNext: Catherine Tyree

Genieve Dupont

On January 14, 2016, Catherine Tyree realized...

05 May 2017

A Brief History on Horse Transport (and Why We're Thankful for the Trailers of Today)

Genieve Dupont

Ah, life before horse trailers.

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