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Safety First

Our #1 Priority - We believe in the safety of both riders and drivers.
We leverage technology to turn your feedback into safer rides.

For Your Peace of Mind

Here's a sum of the things we do to make sure you can Equo with ease.

* Veterinarians will be on call for Equo rides according to your location and their availability.


Emergency Response

All drivers have 24/7 communication with our logistics team and a panic button for emergencies.



All of our drivers are required to have a smartphone with GPS capabilities at all times.



We require that our drivers have at least 2 years of experience.


Vehicle Safety

Equo performs rigorous safety inspections on all vehicles. Eligibility to drive is determined by inspection results.



We have scheduled backup drivers and partner vets* on call in case they are needed.

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Jacob Schueller

Operations & Customer Service

“I have always been intrigued with the fast paced transportation industry, but unfortunately the rushed environment can lead to inconsistencies. Here at Equo we understand the transportation industry and we focus on what is important. Safety has always been our number one priority, and we emphasize this to ensure the health of the horses that we ship around the world. When you are shipping a horse you are not shipping a box across the United States, you are shipping a piece of someone, something that someone loves as much as anything in the world. Equo was built due to our love and affection for horses, and we felt that there was no company out there that came close to showing this to their customers. If you have a passion for horses as much as we do there is only one thing you can do, join Equo!”

Unique rides for Unique horses

We know that every ride and every horse are different, that's why every Equo ride is tailored to fit your specific needs.

No Size Too Big

Whether it’s a one horse emergency or a 20 horse + barn moving: we’ve got you covered!

Quote Before You Ride

Our mobile app will give you a free fare estimate before you book your ride. You only pay when you arrive, no hidden charges anywhere!

Bring Your Gear

We don’t charge extra for a reasonable amount of equipment, as long as there’s space in the trailer you’ll be able to ship up to 1 (one) trunk of gear per horse.

Ride Along

Most Equo Rides Come With space for 1 (one) human! Check the availability in your ride so you can register the person riding along.

Custom Updates

Every Equo ride has scheduled checkpoints. The app will send push notifications to ensure the driver checks on the condition of the vehicle and makes sure the horses are safe, comfortable and have enough hay and water. You can request picture updates from your driver via text message.