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A revolution in horse transportation

Download the Equo App & Step into the Future of Horse Transportation.

How Equo Works for Riders

There’s a Perfect Equo Ride for Any and Every Occasion.


Download the app from the App Store or Playstore and create your account.


Select your type of ride (Rush, Planned or Pool)


Choose your destination and accept your fare.


Submit your request and Boom! You're ready to Equo!

Our Passion for Horses

Our Passion for the equine world is undoubtedly a matter of the heart. The care, admiration, and love we have for horses define our priorities. We put the horses’ health, happiness, and safety at the very top.

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About Equo

We’re horse people. That’s why our standards begin at the top and don’t stray away from excellent.


Real time tracking, Rapid Emergency Response and Backup Rides. We take safety very seriously.

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About Equo

Meet the team of horse fanatics behind Equo. We know horses.

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There’s a Perfect Equo Ride for Any and Every Occasion.

Rush TM

For when you need to make a last-minute call for immediate action, Equo Rush has on-demand drivers ready to make emergency travel a smooth, safe and speedy experience.

Planned TM

For when you are able to plan ahead for scheduled events within weeks’ or months’ time. Equo Planned lets you take full control and schedule rides in advance, plan timeframes, routes and drivers.

Pool TM

For when you have the flexibility to share a ride with others and still make it on time! Equo Pool is an economical and easy travel option for trips within 100 miles of the original route.