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Barn Safety for Kids

16 Jun 2020

As we prepare to return to the barn and horse shows, after several weeks for many of us, there will be no one more excited and enthusiastic than kids.

 Lainie and Jack RubinPhoto by: Jennifer Wile-Rubin

Now is a great (and smart) time for a refresher on barn safety for all of our littles who will be undoubtedly busting with joy and maybe a little rambunctious.

It’s ok to be excited, but we need to be mindful of using our inside voices and not blowing the doors off the barn with our enthusiasm. Walk softly, speak quietly, and remember that your horses haven’t seen you in a while either!

Safety first - Use the proper equipment always! Don’t forget to use halters and lead shanks when leading, helmets when riding, and leave those cute little summer flip-flops at home.

Lainie Rubin
Photo by: Jennifer Wile-Rubin

Use the buddy system - Two people are always better than one! When you are going to get your pony from the pasture or paddock, take a pal with you! Never ride alone or without permission. Turn your location services on and tuck your phone safely in your pocket before leaving on hacks.

Don’t be shy about asking for help! If you feel a little uncomfortable or nervous after some time away from the barn, that’s ok! Your trainer and other adults are there to help! The new rules and guidelines for Covid-19 can be especially tricky, and everyone wants to stay safe.

Make sure to check your equipment and tack for signs of wear and proper fit. We have hit pause on activities, but nothing will stop a growing kid from busting out of their riding apparel. Check boots, chaps, and helmets for proper fit. No haircuts for a while means your helmet will fit differently!

Don’t put pressure on yourself in the saddle. Everyone will be a little rusty right now, including your horse. Whether you are doing a jump school at home or in a class at a show, remember that progress is more important than perfection, and FUN is more important than anything!