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Daniel Bluman Believes in Equo

13 Apr 2017



As an international show jumper, Olympian Daniel Bluman knows firsthand the headaches of horse travel. It’s why he’ s so passionate about Equo. And the reason he’s been involved with the App since its conception.

In Bluman's own words:

I think one problem that relates to everybody in the industry is when you really, really need to get a horse to your place or to get a horse out of your place. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find somebody to do it.

You have to pick up the phone, you have to call a lot of different companies, you have to speak to a lot of different people to see who’s available, who’d like to do it and how much is it going to be.

And then they don’t even give you an answer right away.

Last year, I had a horse in New York and it took me three weeks to find the horse a ride. It was ridiculous! It was an hour ride. I didn’t have my trailer with me at the time and I just couldn’t find anybody to do it for a reasonable price.

All that time, they told me, “Okay, in two days we’re going to have a group of horses going.” And two days later, the group of horses are not going anymore.

So, it was a little bit of a hassle.

I was actually very happy to have that hassle because I knew Equo was in the making and it is exactly what the idea was: to be able to get transport right when you need it and to have all the extra features that go with the App—live tracking your horse so you know exactly where it is, push notifications to your phone. It’s something special.

I think we’re working on something that is going to change the horse transportation industry for everyone. I’m excited to be a part of that.

Everybody should download the Equo App from the App Store! Even if you own a trailer or use any other sort of transportation. It’s like when you have Uber or Air BNB— you never know when you’re going to need it and when you do, it’s right there. It’s just very convenient.

The Equo App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Download it for free today!