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How to Earn More Money With Your Horse Trailer

15 Dec 2016

Investing in a horse trailer is a not an easy decision to make, especially when you know that the trailer will be parked somewhere for a better part of the year. What if there was a way for you to make money with your horse trailer when you weren’t planning on using it?  With Equo you can do exactly that! This innovative ride-sharing app for horse transportation can help you maximize the return on your investment and    

There are more than 9 million horses in the United States today. The horse population has been growing in the past few years and it doesn’t look like this growth will be slowing down any time soon. These 9 million horses are used for all kinds of different activities such as racing, showing, competition, sport, breeding, recreation and work. This includes horses used both commercially and for pleasure.

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Total number of horses by activity:

Racing - 844,531
Showing - 2,718,954
Recreation - 3,906,923
Other - 1,752,439
*Total - 9,222,847 

“Other” activities include farm and ranch work, rodeo, carriage horses, polo, police work, informal competitions, etc. 

*data obtained from http://www.theequestrianchannel.com/id3.html

These numbers show just how big the horse industry is and the amazing potential there is in the equine transportation segment. The horse industry has a direct economic effect on the U.S.of $39 billion annually and provides more than 450,000 full time jobs, so the question is: why aren’t you getting any of the action?

You may be quick to argue that out of those 9 million horses only a small percentage are in need or can afford frequent transportation but the reality is that 28% of the 2 million horse owners in the country have an annual income of over $100,000 and 46% of them are in the $50,000 to $75,000 bracket. So the need is there, the money is there and now the platform to connect all those horse owners to available drivers is also there! The stage is set for all trailer owners and drivers to take a huge leap towards their financial independence.

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How does Equo work?

Horse owners can download the app from the Apple Store or Android Playstore and then they can create their profile. After they register their information and their horses they can start shipping with Equo right away! There are 3 available services: Rush for emergencies and immediate transportation needs, Planned for trips that allow some time to plan and Pool which allows horse owners to share a trailer with other owners and get the most bang for their buck. Safety is a major concern, that’s why every ride has GPS tracking, 24/7 assitance from Equo’s logistics department and a scheduled backup in case of emergencies.   

How can you join the Equo driving team?

Signing up to be an Equo driver is really quick and simple! The first thing you need to do is visit our website www.ridewithequo.com and fill out a simple form, after you give us your information one of our associates will contact you in order to assist you through the registration process.

Documents that you will need: 

  • Valid Driver’s license

  • Proof of insurance

  • Vehicles registration (truck and trailer)
  • Pictures of truck(s) and trailer(s)
  • You must pass Equo’s basic horse knowledge test
  • Latest copy of your truck and trailer inspection report (no older than 6 months)
  • You must pass a background check done by Checkr (www.checkr.com)
    • You will receive an email from Checkr to get your background check done once you register with us 

What about insurance?

 Since you will be operating either your own truck or a company's truck, you must have a valid insurance at all times.  Every state has different regulations when transporting horses so we encourage you to consult with your insurance if you have any questions regarding coverage.

What about safety?

Before the Drive:
You will have all of the Rider’s information before the drive. Every rider is required to create a personal account with phone number, payment information and a few details about the horse so you will know exactly who you’re picking up before getting there.

While You’re Driving:
Every drive is mapped using real time traffic updates and historic safety statistics to make sure you’re always on the best route. We also keep a backup driver on call in case you need assistance. 

After the Drive:
All payments are processed through the app so there’s no risk or hassle of carrying cash around with you. Every trip has a 2-way rating system so after every trip you can rate the Rider you serviced; riders with negative ratings will be placed on a probation period, if the offenses are recurring the rider will be banned from Equo.

If you want to learn more about driving with Equo click right here. If you want to join hundreds of riders and driver who already signed up click on the image below. Keep in mind that if you sign up to be an Equo driver before December 31st you’ll get a $100 bonus on your first trip! Drive with Equo