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Kent Farrington, Karen Polle and Daniel Bluman must-haves

29 Oct 2018

It's that time of year, when the wind starts getting chilly, horses start looking fuzzy and acting fresh and riders start thinking about heading south.


Many riders are packing for their first trip. The road is long and the climate change is significant for horses, so planning and preparation are key for a smooth transition from the chilly North, back to where it's summer all day every day, so the EQUO team has put together some suggestions for riders taking their first trip to warmer southern venues to show for the winter circuits:

 Kent Farrington and Voyeur


Cavalor Electrolytes

Kent Farrington makes sure these 3 things make it on the trailer: “Cavalor electrolytes, Rambo fly sheets and Voyeur.”


Electrolytes are a stable staple for horses travelling from show to show. Including them in your regular care regimen before and after travel, as well as during competition, is important.

Most people use fly sheets to keep their horses comfortable and reduce the stress of being irritated, but they also help preserve calories. Tail swishing and foot stomping burns a lot of precious energy that show horses need later in the ring.



Karen Polle told us she couldn't be without "Sunscreen, more sunscreen and Wings".



Winter circuit destinations are hot, but unpredictable. You’ll need to be prepared for all temperatures and weather that changes from day to day. Avoid stuffing your suitcase or tack trunks with 4 months of items you can purchase easily while you’re down there. Set aside supplies that are heavy or have the potential to leak and pick them up when you arrive.

Even better, take advantage of free shipping offers and have items sent straight to your destination. Many riders order their toiletries and have them shipped right to their southern accommodations.

Pack custom or hard to replace items first. If you arrive in Florida, you don’t want to suddenly realize you are without your custom-fit, one-of-a-kind tall boots. Put the items that are custom to you or your horse at the top of your packing list, so there’s no way they’re missed.


Swim Trunk

Daniel Bluman says he would pack “Fans, bathing suits and dirt bikes.”



Whether riders were west coast or east coast, they all agreed that making sure there’s downtime and opportunity for fun is important. “Don’t forget wine and a glam squad”, one rider joked. “Everyone looks FAB-U-LOUS.” Take a break from the show venue and relax and enjoy yourself outside the show ring.

If you are planning on heading south with your horse to warmer weather, start your planning and packing now. EQUO offers different shipping packages, depending on how far in advance you are able to book your horse’s travel and how flexible you are able to be with departure and arrival dates.

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