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The Equo Smart Travel Checklist for Horse Transportation

14 Nov 2016

This time of the year is huge for horse owners, it’s road trip season! The weather is starting to turn and haulers everywhere in America are getting ready to transport an estimated 1 million horses cross-country. Whenever you take your friends (or the kids) on a road trip there are a few essentials that you always bring along; you need to pack snacks, get gas, make sure everyone went to the restroom and obviously some great tunes! We’ve created a smart travel checklist with all the items you should always keep in handy for every long distance trip!   

Smart Travel Checklist:

For Your Vehicle:

  • Spare Tire
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Lug Wrench
  • Emergency triangles/flares
  • Chocks
  • Flashlight
  • Electrical tape
  • Spare bulbs for exterior and interior lights and fuses
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Jumper cables
  • Tool kit with wiring materials and replacement fuses
  • Spare belts and hoses
  • Tow chain
  • Registration for truck and trailer with proof of insurance

For Your Horse:

  • Equine First Aid Kit with splint
  • Water
  • Buckets/sponge
  • Water hose
  • Spare halter and lead rope for each horse
  • Broom, shovel, fork, and manure disposal bags
  • Insect spray
  • Hay and hay nets

Just in Case

  • Smart Phone with charger or spare battery
  • Gloves
  • Portable air compressor
  • Extra cash/credit card
  • GPS
  • Knife
  • WD-40 (or other lubricant) 

Vehicle readiness should be the first item on your list, make sure that your trailer undergoes a mechanical inspection within 30 days of your trip and you get any issues fixed. Look out for any broken tail lights, suspension failures and most importantly, check the inside of the trailer for bolts, screws, wire or any other potential hazard to the horse.

Another ‘must-have’ for every trip is your documentation, make sure you contact your vet before your trip and ask him what vaccination records you may need in the states you’ll be traveling to. You can find each state’s requirements online and prepare a folder with everything you might be asked for. Most often than not you’ll be able to drive through most states without presenting documentation but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you are shipping your horse with a third party it is crucial that you pack your own gear and send it with your loved one. Most shipping companies will allow for 1 or 2 pieces of equipment to travel with a horse so make sure you pack an individual piece for each horse with clear instructions for the driver.

Choosing the right horse transportation company is also of immense importance, not every company that agrees to ship a horse is a professional, that’s why Equo is the perfect plaform for any and all horse owners, you get to pick your type of ride, read past reviews and get a quote before booking. It is time for technology to break through the equine transport industry, it is time for Equo!

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