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Top Apps every rider must have!

Top Apps every rider must have!

22 Nov 2017

Top Apps every rider must have!

Smartphones simplify transportation and daily activities. A simple call or text message can connect horses with rides and update someone in the barn area as to what is taking place in an arena. Social media took it one step further, allowing exhibitors and trainers to instantaneously share  results or leverage the power of their network for ride sharing. 

Horse ride with smartphone

Apps make it even easier to juggle endless tasks. When apps first appeared, the tagline “there’s an app for that,” was used to encourage downloads and use. Now apps are an integral part of everyday life.

Here we highlight the top apps that help horse owners get information on everything from selling a horse to arranging transportation and even getting to your class at a show on time.

Sales Paddock

Sales Paddock is the fastest growing way to buy and sell horses. By connecting buyers and sellers by location or at horse shows, they make the sale process more targeted and organized.

Main Features

  1. Sellers can check their horses into horse shows
  2. Buyers can filter exactly what they are looking for and easily switch those filters to meet their needs and save horses they are interested in
  3. Sellers can send Alerts to buyers who have saved their horses about price changes, new videos, accolades and so much more
  4. Buyers and Sellers can chat directly through the app to connect on a horse.


Free and available on the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore

More info at www.salespaddock.com

Barn Manager

BarnManager is a cloud-based platform for barn managers and owners to manage their horses, employees, clients, and businesses offering tools that a horse owner needs to improve communication, record keeping, logistics, and more. 

Barnmanager Website app

Main Features

  1. Digital White board
  2. Detailed Vet, Farrier and Dentist records
  3. Detailed horse profile
  4. Scheduling with calendar sync


Based on Number of ACTIVE horses

Monthly: 10 or fewer, $40/mo; 11-20, $60/mo; 20+, $80/mo

Annual subscriptions offer a 17% discount

Available as web and mobile application

More info at www.barnmanager.com

FEI Clean Sport

FEI Clean Sport is a mobile app that help you identify prohibited substances under FEI regulations. Information such as a substance definition, common usage, and common trade names are available.

Main Features

  1. List of banned substances
  2. List of controlled medication


Free and available on the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore

More info at inside.fei.org/fei/cleansport/ad-h/prohibited-list

Equo: Equine Transport Redefined

Equo is a mobile app that connects horse owners, trainers, and riders with their private shipper that best fits their needs at the touch of a button all around the USA and Canada. It's like a perfect mix between Uber and Expedia for horse shipping.

Equo horse Transportation App

Main Features

  1. Quote, Request, Pay, and track your trip
  2. Unlimited instant quotes
  3. Easy and secure payment
  4. GPS Live Tracking
  5. Immediate invoicing  and Trip History

Want to know more about Equo? Click here


Free and available on the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore

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More info at www.ridewithequo.com


Jumpfax is the best way to plan your season, check the start lists and results of all the international jumping horse shows, find all the key information and have access to a unique database

Jumpfax Calendar

Main Features

  1. Show Guide with startlists, results, inspection schedules, key contacts at the venues
  2. Full dynamic calendar with over 1400 jumping events per year
  3. Easy and secure payment
  4. Horse and Rider profiles for the Premium version


Basic Pack Free

Premium Pack 9,90 Euros per month

Available on the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore

More info at www.jumpfax.com

Other Cool Apps

USEF Rulebook App - Free and available on the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore

SmartBlanket - Free and available on the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore


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